Getting your parents or grandparents medical health insurance for senior citizens can be the greatest gift. These are customized medical insurance for senior citizens as they allow those in their silver years to be financially independent and able to handle critical illnesses that are so common after a certain age.

Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens

While so many senior care health insurance plans available today, you need to compare and choose the best medical insurance for senior citizens for your family. Here are some important factors that will help you select the right medical insurance for senior citizens above 70 years or even medical insurance for senior citizens above 80 years.

  1. Age

Entry age: Age plays an important role in senior citizen health insurance plans. Policies with great features might not prove very useful if the policyholder cannot avail of the benefits due to their age being greater than that covered by the policy. Often, public sector medical insurance will be for senior people in the 60-80 year bracket. Other insurers may not have this kind of an entry age. Ensure that you choose a medical policy that provides the longest tenure and allows entry at a higher age.

Renewal age: This is the age till which the policyholder can renew the policy. Some insurers only allow renewal up to 80 years of age, but this number varies.

  1. Sum insured

The actual health cover or sum insured is another important factor in choosing medical health insurance for senior citizens. Health risks shoot up with the advancement of age and so, senior citizens need to be insured for a higher sum. Study the face value of the policy – the higher the face value, the greater the final coverage.

  1. Pre-existing medical issues

In the health insurance policy, there will be a waiting window that will be a period defined for a pre-existing medical condition. This is an essential point to consider as the pre-existing medical conditions worsen with age and can cause senior citizens to be hospitalized or be ill more frequently.

Choose a medical insurance for senior citizens that has a shorter waiting period before the policy kicks in.

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