Personal injury claims that are ridiculous false claims for medical insurance have always been around. Unfortunately, a spate of health insurance scams have only resulted in insurance companies raising insurance costs for the common man.

mediclaim scam

Injury firm Edwards Hoyle has released a list of some of the most bizarre insurance claims they have come across that can only be fake health insurance claims.

Here’s the top 7 list

  1. One of the most ingenious medical insurance scams has to be an aged gentlemen who said that he experienced spontaneous combustion when his mobility vehicle burst into flames. He had to be rescued from the fire by bystanders who were witness to the event.
  2. A woman was apparently sucked into the filter of the hot tub at her gym. She filed for Mediclaim stating she had sustained injuries to her back.
  3. A man riding a scooter was exiting his local car park, and suddenly the barrier in front of him was lowered. Caught off guard, he was hit and fell off his scooter while it continued to go ahead without its rider.
  4. A man was leaving after buying his essentials at a chemist’s when the barrier was suddenly shut on his head.
  5. An elderly woman crafted one of the most creative health insurance scams when she claimed following an incident at her local Bingo hall. Seemingly, the lady was trapped between the lift doors for a full 15 minutes.
  6. A man was redoing the tiling in his bathroom when he went straight through the floor, which left him hanging through the ceiling of the floor beneath him. He was finally rescued by the fire brigade.
  7. The icing on the cake would be a man who had suffered a prior injury to his leg at a nightclub. He was using crutches to walk. While accompanying his children at the local park, his crutch got stuck in a small hole and he fell over injuring his other leg as well.

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