Insurance policies are used to protect the owner’s most valuable assets. However, there are some people whose idea of a ‘Valuable Asset’ is strange in the extreme, as can be seen by these 10 examples:


1. The world famous game show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ carries an insurance against a contestant winning the full prize money. Turns out even the producers of the show don’t want to know the answer to the question their show title asks.

2. Alien abductions are a strangely popular cause for taking out insurance for many clients. Roughly 10 million dollars worth of insurance against getting taken away in a spaceship have been reported.

3. Hollywood was so enamored by Betty Grable’s legs that each was insured for 1 million dollars.

4. UK follows the unusual practice of companies taking out insurance against the possibility of two or more employees quitting their jobs in the event of their winning the lottery.

5. Kieth Richards, the popular guitarist for the smash hit rock band, The Rolling Stones, had insurance taken out on the middle finger on the hand he played his guitar with, for the staggering sum of 1.5 million dollars.

6. The Cutty Sark Company has an insurance policy for 1.5 million dollars in place for the day when someone finally discovers the Loch Ness monster.

7. The famous singer, Tom Jones, considers the hair on his chest his most attractive feature, and thus has had it insured for several millions.

8. The longest cigar in the world, at twelve feet long and made by using more than 15000 tobacco leaves, had an expensive insurance issued for it by Lloyd’s of London.

9. World Yo Yo champion Harvey Lowe’s hands had been insured for close to 15000 during the 1930s to protect his most valuable weapons in the world of Yo Yo competition.

10. If Bruce Springsteen were to ever lose his world famous voice due to illness or overuse, he would collect insurance worth 6 million dollars for the damage caused to his career.

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