Factors to Consider when Buying Individual Health Insurance

Illnesses and accidents happen. You certainly don’t want them, though you can never predict them. When they happen, they expose you or your family in danger. Having a comprehensive health insurance plan is one way to make sure that you’re covered when these medical mishaps and emergencies occur. To make a good choice about the right kind of insurance plan, here a few tips to guide your way.

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Health Benefits

Before choosing an insurance plan, determine the medical benefits that you need. It could be vision care, drugs prescriptions, dental care or alternative medicine. In case you want to keep the health insurance cover costs down, you can consider a plan that encompasses only what you need.

Limitations and exclusions

The same way health plans offer particular benefits, they also comprise limitations and exclusions. Limitations are service offered in limited supply or quantity while exclusions are services/benefits not offered by the healthcare plan. Always understand the terms and conditions of a possible healthcare cover before buying it or else you will find out later that your preferred medical needs are not included.

Coverage area

Before you sign up for a health insurance cover, confirm whether it’s a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). For a HMO, you must be living or working within the coverage area of the plan or else, you will not access the benefits of the network. For a PPO, you can be served by any medical provider, including personal specialists without a referral, though you might have to pay more outside the network.


Though it is important to obtain a comprehensive health coverage, it is equally significant to figure out the plan that you can comfortably afford. Costs can be in form of copayments, premiums, deductibles, and referral costs. If you have a family, it is wise to divide individual members into different plans to keep the overall costs down.

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